Ideas for Cross Curricular Lesson Plans

It can be easy to blend disciplines in the homeschool classroom. Given here are some suggestions for possible cross curricular lesson plans. You can use them they way they are given, or add activities as you feel would suit your homeschool students better.

Plan a Holiday

Here’s a fun lesson plan that can bring together Geography, Math, Writing and Reading. Have the homeschool students plan a short holiday. It could be a visit to a landmark monument close by. Now have them figure out where exactly they need to go using the map. Have them calculate the distance that they need to travel, and how long it will take. Figure out if they need to factor in a break overnight. Ask them to research where they can spend the night and just how much it will cost them. Now have them put the whole thing together as a proposal for a holiday to present to the family. The children can work on this with individual destinations or as a team.

The Culture Party

Pick any culture, it could be Italian, Irish, Mexican, or anything that interests your homeschool family. Now put together a set of foods that they eat, and create the healthier snacks for the Class. Pick out traditional clothes that they wear, and fashion them out in art class for the homeschool students. Create a written report on the location of the country, national language spoken, currency in use and any other details that may be interesting about the culture. Add in some history about the country and you have managed to cover Geography, History, PE, Art and writing. In addition you can put it all together and have a culture party at the end of the project inviting close friends to celebrate with the homeschool classroom.

Follow a Manufacturing Process

Take a simple product in the house such as a bottle of sealed water. Now use the information on the label to trace what all went into the process of manufacturing it. Where was it bottled? What precautions would have to be taken to create the product. You will be able to use science, geography and writing in this lesson.

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