Health and Hygiene in the Homeschooling Family

Maintaining wellness of your homeschool students is a huge contributor to the success of your homeschool. Having sick children can throw the learning schedule completely off course, so it is important that not only the homeschool teacher, but also the students understand healthy habits and follow them. Given here are some suggestions that you may want to implement in your homeschooling family.

Hygienic Habits

Washing hands before eating, brushing teeth twice a day, having a bath with proper cleansing of the skin, are just a few examples of hygienic habits that should be inculcated in homeschool students. When someone catches a cold, educate them about minimizing the spread of germs. How they can keep infection from spreading to others, as well as what measures others can take around a sick person.

Promoting Physical Wellness

Creating a healthy climate in your homeschool classroom involves looking after the physical, emotional and social needs of everyone in it. Have time scheduled for physical exercise such as games, yoga, or simply playing catch in the back yard. Swimming can make a good addition to the physical fitness routine. If there is a community center near by where the children can pick up organized sports like badminton, football, tennis or baseball, it’s a good idea to let them join the team.

Promoting Mental Wellness

Teaching your homeschool family meditation and creative visualization can be a very powerful wellness tool. Also add in time each week for socializing with friends and family. It’s important to develop connections that the children can relate to as they grow up. It is beneficial for the homeschool teacher to take some time off from the students as well. Find substitute teachers in your spouse or family members to take an occasional day off.

Healthy Lifestyle

Paying attention to the diet and sleep aspects of your lifestyle is important. Ensure that the food eaten is freshly cooked rather than out of a processed packet for at least two meals a day. Add fresh fruit as a snack rather than juice boxes. Don’t use the microwave as much as possible to keep the radiation levels in the home low. Also ensure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep of at least 8 hours.

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