Goal Setting for Homeschool Students

Self discipline is an important life skill. Having homeschool students learn that they are responsible for their own successes and failures can be a great motivation for them to practice self discipline when it comes to setting goals in both the classroom and in life. Here are some ways that the homeschool teacher can help them with goal setting and make it an acceptable part of their routine.

Set a Realistic and Attainable Goal

The enthusiasm of a child will have the homeschool student setting goals that are simply not realistic. No matter how much they would like to finish reading 25 books in a month, it’s just not going to happen. It may be a better idea to help them calculate just how many hours of actual reading that they will be able to do. Then add in the time factor by checking how soon they can read a single book. Now have them decide that they can easily read 5 books in a month. If they get to 6 it’s going to be an over-achievement.

Setting Step by Step Plans

The first step is to write the goal down. If the homeschool student plans to read five books, have them select the titles and write them down on the notice board. They can even add the extra book that they wish to read as added incentive to meet the goal.

The next step is to set aside a specific time each day for twenty minutes to an hour, when reading is permitted. This gives them a habit of working towards the larger goal in small chunks of time.

Now review the progress made. This step is important as it helps the homeschool student to monitor their actions. Tick off each book as it is completed. This visual reinforcement serves as a great motivator to keep going.

The last step is a reward for meeting the set goal. Here the homeschool student may be allowed to have an extra treat of their picking. It could be a snack they like, a visit to a park to play, or any other thing that can be used as reward. Try not to link it to a monetary reward, but to a personal experience that they can choose.

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