Freedom Vs Form for Homeschooling Families

The concept of homeschooling offers unparalleled freedom to parents while teaching their children. However there is a need for form and structure in the homeschool classroom if the homeschool students are to truly develop into their full potential. For homeschooling teachers who are confused about how much creative freedom to give their children, this may be interesting to follow.

Define Boundaries

Yes, encourage your homeschool student when they color outside the lines, but also teach them that to color on the walls is not acceptable. In order for them to grow up to become productive members of society, they need to understand the rules of society and the boundaries that they are expected to keep. It doesn’t make you a bad parent if you scold them when getting them to follow basic rules of living in harmony.

Give Responsibilities

Often in the garb of preserving the innocence of childhood, parents find it difficult to give chores to the children. In a homeschool family where the primary care giver is responsible for not just the education of the homeschool students but also the care of the home and hearth, this can spell disaster. It is important for the children to be given age appropriate chores as soon as they are able to handle them.

Embrace Imperfection

There is no one looking at you to be perfect. It’s alright for you to have a messy living room, paint on the dining table and even unmade beds till noon. The homeschooling mother is charged with far more than housekeeping. She is charged with preparing the next generation of humankind for all the challenges that they will face. It’s okay to make memories rather than make beds, if that’s how you want to prioritize your life.

Balance of Freedom and Form

The most successful homeschooling families don’t believe in letting the children take over every area. They find a balance between giving the children the freedom that they need for self development with the form that is needed to help them fit into a useful role in the family. Giving them structure actually encourages their creativity!

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