Food for Fussy Homeschool Students

There are a few blessed parents in this world whose children eat nutritious food without making a fuss, for the rest of us it is usually an ongoing battle to help them eat healthy while navigating the mines of junk food. If you are a homeschool parent whose child doesn’t seem to eat right, here are some tips to try out on your homeschool student.

#1 Check for any actual physical ailment. While it is rare, there may be something physically wrong with your homeschool student which prevents him or her from eating. This could be an allergy or even some foods that cause sensitivity in the stomach. You may like to get in touch with your pediatrician if you suspect something is wrong.

#2 Study the food intake of the child over a full week. On a single day the homeschool student may have indulged in high sugar and high fat snacks, but as long as he got in fresh fruits and cooked vegetables onĀ other days of the week, it may all balance out. The idea is not to ban treats, but to ensure balanced eating.

#3 Pay attention to meal time schedules and portions. Having a fixed meal time is a good idea as it makes the child feel hungry at that time each day. This allows him to actually eat when he is given his snack or meal. Also mind the size of the portion that you are serving the homeschool student. The child has a much smaller stomach than that of an adult.

#4 Give them a choice. In an ice cube tray add a number of different healthy foods. For instance one cube may have bits of apple, another some cheese, yet another can have a wedge of an orange, one with some sprouts. Having the wide variety of foods will help make healthy eating more interesting to the child. It will also give you an insight to his preferred foods.

#5 Eat what you serve them. The best way to get children to eat something is to ensure that you eat it with them. This way they don’t feel like they are doing something special or different by eating fruits and vegetables. Just keep the portions manageable.

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