Combining Science and PE for Homeschool students

Physical education is more fun when a group of children can play a sport together. This may not always be possible in the homeschool set up every day. Yet it is important for growing children to get a daily quota of physical activity in. Getting homeschool students moving for mandatory PE sometimes requires the homeschool parent to get creative.

Make the Activity a Science Project

Over a period of a month have the homeschool students do the same activity, for instance running or walking a fixed loop for a predetermined distance. Now each day they need to keep track of the time they took to cover this distance. Let them work out the speed they reached each day in a notebook. A little bit of Physics numerical practice gets built in to the day.

At the end of the month let them calculate the average speed, mark the day they went the fastest and the slowest. Allow them to repeat this with another activity just as push-ups the next month. Or they can do a circuit training based on what is available around the home. Or check how many baskets they can do in ten minutes. Give them more freedom to pick the variables and make changes each day to alter the results of the data they are recording.

Combine Biology Lessons with Physical Activities

Teaching the homeschool students about their bodies can be an interesting add on to Physical Education. After a run, once they catch their breath, teach them about the lungs. Make them calculate how long it took for them to get back to normal breathing to calculate their lung capacity. Discuss the bronchi and how to develop more lung capacity.

Another idea would be to speak about the heart after some aerobic exercise. Have them measure their base heart rate, then the accelerated heart rate after the activity. Discuss the normal parameters. Also speak of the veins and arteries functioning. You may even want to speak of the four compartments in the heart. Let them know how eating habits and exercise can affect the health of their heart.

The idea is to get them curious about their bodies and learn how to keep it healthy with the right diet and exercise.

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