Back to School Tips to Organize Your Homeschool Classroom

It’s nearly time for schools to reopen and you may be getting ready for your homeschool students to return to the books. While you may be a homeschooling family that takes no break, you may still have to add things to your schedule for preparing your homeschool classroom for the next academic session. Here are some back to school tips to help organize your homeschool classroom with more ease.

Map Out The Classroom

Depending on your availability of space, you may have anything from a full room, to a couple of cupboards and the dining table functioning as your classroom. It’s a good idea to map out the zones so that you know where you need to put what. Have a fixed place for where the children keep their textbooks, another shelf for the reference books that you need to use, a notice board to display the daily/weekly/monthly to-do list, a box for all the new stationery. The more you designate areas and spaces, the better organized you will be with all your material.

Preparing for the New Academic Session

Make the lesson plans, organize the worksheets, evaluation of students, and other prep activities before the academic session begins formally. You may like to get the input of your homeschool students as you plan out the academic activities that you wish to undertake in the upcoming year. You may want to take printouts of your calendar schedule that will go up on the noticeboard each week/month. All the busy work and repetitive tasks that you can get done beforehand, will leave you with that much more time later in the year.

Plan for the Unexpected Emergencies

What if you can’t teach your homeschool students for a week if you catch the flu? Do you have a substitute homeschool teacher who can take over for you? Speak with your friends and family and prepare them for such an eventuality by having them come in for guest teacher lessons. This will make the transition easier when something unexpected happens and they need to take over the teacher’s reigns for a bit. It pays to be well prepared for these contingencies.

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