Squished Soda Can

Experiment & Video


Heat an empty soda can (large beer cans actually will work better if you have one) in a skillet with a few tablespoons of water in the can over a hot stove.

Have a shallow dish with about ¼ inch of ice water handy (enough water to make a seal with the top of the can). When the can emits steam, grab the can with tongs and quickly invert it into the dish. CRACK!


What's Going On?

The air in the can was heated, and things that are hot tend to expand. When you cool it quickly by taking it off the stove onto a cold plate, the air cools down and shrinks, creating a lower pressure inside.

Since the surrounding air outside of the can is now higher, it pushes on all sides of the can and crushes it.

Now it's your turn – go have fun!

I look forward to sharing more fun, excitement and learning with you in our next issue.



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