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Secrets of Successful Teachers

Did you ever have a teacher that made a real impact on you?  They took a subject you previously thought was dull and boring and somehow made it jump alive? Special teachers can touch our lives in small ways that make big changes later in life by phrasing a topic into just the right words so it really clicks for you, or simply just believing in you when no one else around you did. 

These types of teachers are pretty amazing when it comes to inspiring children. If you've ever wondered how some of them 'work their magic', you're not alone.  Most amazing teachers really couldn't tell you how they do what they do - they just know how to reach kids effectively in a way that really makes an impact.

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Check out some feedback from other parents...

"I just started your Chemistry unit and have been shocked at how enthusiastic my 12 yr. old son is. I confiscated his slime so he can work on other subjects! I know now to do activities before reading the text to engage him."

~S. Gaines, Atlanta, Georgia

"I love it that I don't have to do a thing! I set my kids in front of the program, and later find them excited and working on something new they created themselves. This program is exactly what we needed! "

~Ursula, Santa Barbara, California

"I gave my reluctant 10-year old son your program. Three hours later, he made us late for an appointment because he couldn't tear himself away! He watched the videos over and over and built things I've never seen before. Thank you so much!!!"

~Barbara & Matt, Valencia, California

"Thanks so much for the fruit battery science fair project. She won second place today in 8th grade division! It is an especially meaningful "victory" for us because Lynne has a learning disability."

~Caroline Fetter, North Carolina

"Forget the kids! I'm excited by science now--teaching and learning. I was almost in tears when we saw the videos and started the experiments because I realized that she has something to follow if I get called away. Thank you again for filling a need in my daughter's life."

~Heather S., Toronto, Canada

More Feedback!

"I love it that I don't have to do a thing! I set my kids in front of the program, and later find them excited and working on something new they created themselves. This program is exactly what we needed!"

~Ursula, Santa Barbara, California

"You have been such a fun inspiration for our son Sam, and totally got him fired up to build, connect, explode, invent, test, create, discover, question...
and in a nutshell, get wildly excited about how our physical world behaves through experimentation.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank joy!

"You're a blessing and huge contributor to the positive development of our kids' minds and passions. Thanks for all you do and all you are!"

~Jan, San Luis Obispo, California

"I wish I had known about you years ago! I got the Science Mastery program, and my husband (who is an engineer and works on fighter planes), has been working with my kids since.

"He usually doesn't help homeschool my kids, but after watching the DVD, he went to the internet to look something up, then returned to us as said, 'Nope - I tried, but I like the way Aurora explains it best.'

"My kids haven't turned on the TV once this whole weekend - we're just doing experiments together and it's great!"

~Merilyn, Richmond, Virginia

"I am homeschooling my 5y. old daughter and want to send you a big THANK YOU for all you do. Science was a subject I was a bit afraid to have to venture into. But with all your help it has been NO problem.
Thanks again!"


"Thank you for truly inspiring my kids. They're so excited to learn more. We downloaded the book and are pouring over its contents. Yeah!!!!"

~Donna, Long Beach, California

"Thank you so much for the science lessons! I had such a great time and it is very fun to learn from someone so knowledgeable."

~Sean, age 12

"You are doing an awesome thing. From talking with many homeschooling moms over the years, science is where we tend to lack in experience, and know how. Even though we find the experiments so much fun to do, we are intimidated by them. Thank you for all that you do."

~Allison A., Homeschool Co-op

"The kids are enjoying the electricity projects, and my 12 year old has concluded that you know what you are talking about!"

~Tracey S.,
Orlando, Florida

"As a Chemical Engineer I started reading this manual and boy what a joy. You have simplified so much so well. The explanations are great too as they are put in very simple terms. I can't wait to share these with my students. Keep me in mind if you put another of these manuals together."

~Mary, California

"I purchased your Electricity & Robots Kit and my daughter loves it! Thank you!"


"My son KJ is having SO much fun!! As soon as we got home he watched the Robots & Electricity Kit video, and has been watching it since. He loves all of the gadgets! Thank you for letting him work with you. He will never forget it."

~Sally, Long Beach, California, CHEA participant

"My son is LOVING the Electricity & Robotics Kit we bought from you, and we've already hit Radio Shack a couple of times to add some new things to try. Thank you!!!"


"I have an 8 year old daughter. The one area we are weak in is science experiments. I am glad to see you are providing an outlet for homeschoolers interested in science. Keep up the good work."


"Wow Aurora, Your stuff is AWESOME! I am so impressed by your vast education, skills and wonderful creativity. YOU ROCK!!!"

~Judes, Santa Margarita, California

"Thank you for making science so fun and exciting! We have started watching the DVD about electricity and making robots and are working along. It's really great! My daughter has been into the life sciences -- gardening and animals and bugs. Now her interest is widening. As a home school mom I always appreciate someone, like you, who can broaden her horizons."

"I am going to love doing these experiments myself. I like the little creatures you made with cell phone parts. I love taking things apart and I look forward to knowing more about how to re-arrange the parts."


"Here it is summer vacation and my daughter WANTS to do one science experiment after another after seeing YOUR stuff!" 


"I told my son he had to do his science lesson for just fifteen minutes each day, which was such a chore for him.

"One day I gave him this program. Three hours later, he made us late for an appointment because he couldn't tear himself away! He watched the videos over and over and built things I've never seen before. Thank you so much!!!"

~Barbara & Matt
Valencia, California

"Aurora spoke at a Cub Scout Pack 6 meeting a few months ago and totally "wowed" the boys who attended the meeting. It was amazing to hear them talk about her and their sudden interest in science. My husband, David Church, was equally impressed with her skills and presentations."

"First thing they said when they got home that night was, "Sign me up for all her camps, I love that teacher! My son and his buddies raved about you for days."

~Connie Hanretty Church, San Luis Obispo, California

"Thanks for coming to our school and doing a bang-up job on your rocketry presentation!  The students really loved it, had a ton of fun, and learned a lot."

~Jodi, Valley Oaks Charter School, Bakersfield, California 

"We just wanted to say THANK YOU for supercharging us at Valley Oaks Charter School.

"You were awesome and did an outstanding job with the experiments, presentations and putting it in kid friendly terms so they could understand. My kids now want to be rocket scientists!"

~Cynnde Lewis, Bakersfield, California

"We really enjoy your demonstrations. They are wonderful and we really loved the hovercraft you did today. Thank you for all that you are doing."

~Angela and her two youngest sons, Joseph and Kyle

"Jeremy is having SO much fun with everything - thank you all for the work & thought that has gone into the box & program!"

~Tracey Miller

"Thank you so much for coming out to do our science day. It was awesome! I have had parents contacting me all week to thank me for putting both presentations together. Actually you did all the work - thanks for making me look good!

You brought so much energy into our science program. Your presentation is inspiring, not to mention fun! You truly did inspire the young minds to think creatively about science.

Personally, my son Ryan has been doing some pretty creative thinking about his science project for our upcoming science fair. I am sure we will see many 'Aurora-inspired' entries this year!

Thank you again. My appreciation and just plain "awe" for how and what you do just can not be put into words.

Thanks again and again!"

~Lorraine Solomon, Homeschool Coordinator

"My 13-year old son has not been interested in anything educational for a long time. This was the first time I saw a real spark of interest in his eyes. Thank you so much for your help in inspiring my son!"

~Ruth Ann,
Bakersfield, California

"Alex had a great time this summer in camp. Thanks for the great experience!"


"Thank you so much, I can't wait to begin using the Science Experiment Manual with my kids. They immediately did the rocket and began the robot.

"My youngest (10 years old) played with the robot all night and was explaining it to guests at dinner. Thanks for making science fun!"

~Mrs. Lopez


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