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Renewable & Alternative Energy

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Renewable & Alternative Energy

Discover the world of clean, renewable energy that scientists are developing today! Explore how they are harnessing the energy of tides and waves, lean how cars can run on just sunlight and water, tour a hydroelectric power plant, visit the largest wind farms on the planet, and more!

You’ll learn how streets are being designed to generate electricity, how teenagers are making jet fuel from pond scum in their garage, and how 70 million tons of salt can provide free, clean energy 24 hours a day forever!

During class, kids will build a working solar oven,  learn how to bake solar cookies, magni-fry marshmallows and do the experiment with light Einstein won a Nobel prize for that is the basis of all photovoltaic energy today.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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So Sorry, this class is over.  
BUT, if you register to the right I will let you know if we do a replay of it,
as well as about the next class I give.

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