Design a Vision Board to Fullfill a Dream

online homeschool A homeschool student’s dream can stay a dream unless you push your child into making it a reality. One of the best ways to consolidate the steps that lead to the fulfillment of a dream is designing a vision board. This is a simple form of goal setting that homeschool students can follow. Here is how it works.

Visual Clues to Fulfillment

Say that your child’s dream is to participate in a sport at the international level, Olympics or whatever associated sporting event it may be. Start by collecting images of the sport at local, state, national and international levels. Now organize them on a chart paper and paste them. Add motivational quotes from famous personalities or celebrities who have played the sport. Jazz it up with decorative items and hang it in the homeschool classroom. It doesn’t have to be realistic, but it needs to be inspirational.

Goal Setting for a Bright Future

You can make these vision boards for all their dreams and hopes. It could be something as complex as winning an Olympic gold as given in the example above, or something as simple as visiting the beach next summer. Let them also write down the steps that they will need to achieve the goal in a journal or personal diary. Keep a track of how many of these dreams come true. You can make individual boards for personal dreams, or come up with a family board for a shared goal like saving for a family vacation.

Why it Seems to Work

Children tend to be very artistic when designing their dream boards. As they scan through images that they can use they also begin to think of manners in which the dream can be realized. They look at the vision board and each day do a little something that will bring them closer to achieving that goal. The process just needs a whole lot of trust and some time to work its magic. A dream usually can be made to come true by having a good vision board for it.

all their dreams and hopes
all their dreams and hopes
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